Klaroline Appreciation Week [3/7]

Your favourite episode: My Brother’s Keeper (4x07)

I think this is self-explanatory.

Even if we didn’t have the (almost) kiss, this episode was all butterflies and unicorns and rainbows and little birds hummingbirds to be precise.

Also the fact that Vitamin String Quartet’s instrumental of “Falling Slowly” started playing precisely when Caroline was about to answer Klaus’s question “And how am I doing?” by a “You’re perfect” (Real subtle guys, REAL SUBTLE) gave me too many feels because yes Caroline is slowly falling for Klaus. I mean she was being a complete neurotic control-freak who was picking at everyone but when she sees him, she just stops, compliments him, smiles and forgets about the rest.

Also another quick remark, in episode 3x20 for instance, she was the one who would look at Tyler and it would make her feel uneasy to be enjoying her dance with Klaus but on the contrary in this episode, just after she says that he is perfect and they both smile like dummies, she only looks at him and he is the one to see and be disturbed by Tyler’s being there. Maybe it wasn’t meant to show that her enjoying Klaus’s compagny is now stronger than her guilt and I’m just seeing too much into things but I really liked that too.

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