Klaroline Appreciation Week [1/7]

The moment you started shipping them: Our Town (3x11) | Genuine Beauty

At the beginning of the 3rd season of TVD I had already stumbled upon a tumblr dedicated to Klaroline with obviously only AUs at that time. To my astonishment, all these Klaroline AUs (mostly gifsets) were pretty epic. And so even if at that time I used to ship Forwood I know I know and I had never given Klaroline any thoughts, these Klaroline AUs were my guilty pleasure. I never actually thought these two would even share a scene together but in the blink of an eye with “Our Town”, everything changed. The day I watched it was the day I discovered the fangirl inside me: I started this episode as a TC fan and I finished it as a brand new KC fangirl guess I was never a real fan of TC afterall since at the end of the episode I was like Tyler…Who?. In this episode birthdaygirl!Caroline was pretty much weary of being a vampire, she was feeling like her life has stopped, that she was “living” simply for the sake of “living” and the coup de grace was when Tyler bit her, I was like jfc can’t they just stop putting her through all this crap already?! And then we saw Klaus knocking at the Forbes’ door and it was an unexpected turn of events that made me eager to know what would happen next. Next thing we knew, Klaus was starting to make his now well-known “Genuine Beauty’ speech and in a matter of seconds I fell head over heels for those two and their potential. This whole speech still gives me goosebumps, it is full of hope and dreams and at that very moment it was what suicidal!Caroline needed to hear for her to realize that she wanted to live and the fact that it was no one else but Klaus who told her and with such genuiness on top of that, I-…it was just icing on the cake. Also since it happened the evening of her birthday, it was like she was born anew and that Klaus was the fallen angel that made her realize her life was worthy of being lived, that there were so many great things waiting for her outside this little town. I see Caroline unwrapping the gift he left for her as a symbol for their relationship: she doesn’t know what is awaiting her, she’s not sure how she should feel or react but she’s still curious and she gives it a shot and by opening the gift, it marks the beginning of what would become my OTP of all OTPs.

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